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Benefits Of Having A Website

  • 1.  Attract new customers – Put your website on business cards, pens, stationery, etc.
  • 2. Everyone at your company can have addresses instead of a hodge-podge of email addresses that give you no added benefit or exposure. (Why advertise for your ISP when your email address should be telling everyone you contact about your own domain name?)
  • 3. Save money – More can be included on your website; can be updated at any time, and save re-printing costs. – that’s a good thing!
  • 4.  Today, consumers expect to have information about your company and your products available online.
  • 5.  A business that doesn’t have a website simply does not come across as professional, and that business lacks longevity in the eyes of the consumer – that’s a bad thing.
  • 6. Effective for any company – Useful for local customers, as well as, possible national or worldwide trade! – that’s a great thing!
  • 7. Reach previously untapped markets globally, you’ll never know what sort of opportunities you may run into simply because you have an effective online presence.
  • 8. much more. (There are literally hundreds of great reasons to have a website.)

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