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Get Rich From Your Website

You can get rich from your website, but only if you invest your time and energy into it!

Everyone in the webdesign and web hosting business has had a client come back to them 6 months or 9 months down the road demanding a refund because they aren’t rolling in the dough after putting up a website.

So… no refunds if you expect to get rich from having a website but doing no work.

Nobody knows your business better than you. You already know who buys your products, and you already know there are countless untapped potential customers out there …but how to get them to purchase from you? Well, first they need to know you exist! Just tossing up a webpage won’t get you many (if any) sales. A real world example: our yearly new customer base consists of about 2% of clients we’ve received due to a search in a search engine (and we have some very high, first page, rankings for a lot of different keywords). Another 2% is from paying for online targeted ads including google adwords, paid search engine listings and clickthrough advertising on websites. Not counting clent referrals, the bulk of our clients come from traditional advertising methods like we’ve mentioned above and not from online methods. Amazing considering we’re an online business!


Nobody knows about your business unless you tell them

Along with traditional advertising avenues (direct mail, newspaper & magazine ads, billboards and signage) you definitely want to ensure your website is search engine friendly and take advantage of every known tip and trick to improve your rankings. Getting on the first result page or second result page on Google, Yahoo and MSN is a really good idea. Even if it only results in an extra handful of sales each month, that’s still new clients you would have never reached with a regional or national advertising campaign (it’s also a lot cheaper).

That is why so many online businesses invest in search engine optimization (SEO).